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  • My work is a collection of Urban Novellas. As a Hip-Hop artist/lyricist, and entrepreneur I’ve grown into writing my thoughts and ideas into stories, forming books. Putting my experiences, knowledge, and wisdom into these titles has allowed me to demonstrate what could happen when you put your mind towards reaching your goals and getting things done. Never let anyone kill your passion or steal your dreams.  

Children’s Life Stories Book Coming Soon

Greeting Cards Fashion Apparel


Ever had a thought in your mind that you wanted to tell someone, but held back at the last minute? Well, damn that Greeting Cards 4 Real will express those thoughts for you! Either wear the apparel or give it to the person that needs to know what’s on your mind. Greeting Cards 4 Real “Thoughts you’ve always wanted to express.”

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About Me

I am James “TheBoos” Canteen, Jr. I was born and raised in the inner cities of Georgetown, SC and Bronx, New York. Starting from breakdancing and rapping to DJing, I’ve left my mark on the urban hip-hop culture scene. From there I’ve created Boosta Sports Apparel — BOOSTA meaning Buying Our Own Styles Transcends Awareness — as a way to raise the consciousness of the African American community about economic self-empowerment while contributing to the hip-hop culture. As a serial entrepreneur, I later created the brands ShoppingWithTheBoos, Happy Huggs, and Big Boos Thee Invisible Man, (the musical artist), all which merged into TheBoos247.

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